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January/February 2023 Becker's Dental + DSO Review

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9 BECKER'S DENTAL + DSO REVIEW // VOL. 2023 NO. 1 CLINICAL CARE CMS' final dental services ruling: 3 things to know By Riz Hatton CMS expanded the dental services it will pay for as part of its finalized 2023 Physician Fee Schedule released Nov. 1. Medicare Part B currently pays for a limited range of dental services required when the service is an essential part of a patient's primary medical condition treatment. Three things to know about CMS' final ruling on dental services: 1. CMS finalized its proposal to clarify and codify parts of the current Medicare fee-for-services payment policies for dental services that are essential to a patient's primary medical condition treatment and other clinical scenarios where Medicare Part A and Part B payment can be made. This includes dental exams and necessary treatments before or during organ transplants, cardiac valve replacements and valvuloplasty procedures. 2. CMS is finalizing payment for dental exams and essential treatments before treating head and neck cancers beginning in 2024. It is finalizing a process to review and consider public recommendations for Medicare payment for dental services in similar clinical scenarios. 3. CMS is working to address feedback and questions about the operational aspects of billing and claims processing for these services. n Tennessee Medicaid program expands dental benefits to all adult members By Riz Hatton All adults on Tennessee's Medicaid program, TennCare, are now eligible for dental benefits as of 2023, CBS affiliate WTVF reported Jan. 7. The benefits expansion will give about 600,000 adults access to dental care, according to WTVF. Dental benefits will be administered through TennCare's dental plan, DentaQuest. n New York dental practice among 1st to add anxiety- reducing robot By Ariana Portalatin P ound Ridge (N.Y.) Cosmetic Dentistry is the first dental clinic on the East Coast to acquire an emotional support robot to reduce anxiety in pediatric patients, ABC affiliate NEWS10 reported Dec. 13. The robot, named Robin, supports children undergoing medical treatments by analyzing and responding to emotions in real time. It can reduce anxiety in patients by interacting with conversations, games and simple explanations of procedures. The device is manufactured by Expper Technologies and was created in collaboration with scientists, engineers and psychologists. n

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