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19 PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SPINE DEVICE & INNOVATION 22 Minimally Invasive Spine Devices to Know Sponsored by AnyPlus MIS System from GS Medical Systems. e minimally invasive Any- Plus MIS System for spine surgery has a self-tapping threaded design to optimize a solid screw purchase to the vertebral body. e system has ergonomically designed instrumentation for a true percutaneous approach. e system can reduce blood loss, operative time and postoperative pain. ere is a unique double-locking system with a washer at the screw base for a secure screw-rod interface fit for proper align- ment. AVATAR Minimally Invasive Spinal System from Life Spine. AVATAR MIS System is a cannulated pedicle screws system inserted over a guide wire, designed to minimize muscle and tissue trauma. e system includes multiple rod insertion methods, such as muscle splitting and true percutaneous surgery. e expanded tabs provide rigid connection to instrumenta- tion and there is a reducer that allows up to 20 mm of rod reduction. is was the sec- ond addition to the company's CENTRIC MIS Technologies suite. AxiaLIF Plus System from TranS1. e AxiaLIF Plus System is designed for repro- ducible anterior retroperitoneal presacral access route to the L5-S1 vertebral bodies. e instrumentation is designed with the standard of care for fusion principles, distraction and stabilization of the anterior lumbar column. ere have been more than 14,000 AxiaLIF procedures performed in the United States and 90 peer-reviewed publications that show safety, efficiency and biomechanics of the procedure. BoneBac Interbody System from omps- onMIS. e BoneBac Interbody System has a narrow shaped nose for easier insertion into a collapsed disc and allows direct gra injection while the inserter is still attached. e product includes two patents complet- ed and five patents pending. e system restores disc height using insert-and-rotate capabilities. coflex Interlaminar Stabilization from Paradigm Spine. e coflex Interlaminar Technology is an Interlaminar Stabilization device for one- or two-level lumbar stenosis from L1-L5 in skeletally mature patients. e device is implanted midline between adjacent lamina of one or two contiguous lumbar motion segments. e device is designed for shorter operating room time and hospital stays. ES2 Spinal System from Stryker. e ES2 minimally invasive fixation system is a one-piece low profile integrated blade screw that includes a built-in reduction. e system builds on Stryker's Xia tech- nology with the buttress threaded closure mechanism, a cortical cancellous thread pattern and secure screw-to-screwdriver interface. e system has power and navi- gation capabilities. EVEREST Minimally Invasive Spi- nal System from K2M. e cannulated top-loading polyaxial pedicle screw system, EVEREST MIS, can accommodate titanium and CoCr rods for two different diameters — 5.5 mm and 6 mm. e system has a dual lead optimized thread pattern pro- vides faster insertion and increased pullout strength and 70 degrees polyaxial range of motion that provides intraoperative flexibility. EXPEDIUM VIPER 2 System from DePuy Synthes. e VIPER 2 System is in- tended for noncervical pedicle fixation and nonpedicle fixation for degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma, spinal stenosis, curvatures, tumor, pseudoarthri- tis and failed fusions. e system includes more than 30 comprehensive instruments for multiple pathologies. 22 Minimally Invasive Spine Devices to Know By Laura Dyrda

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