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Fusion Is A Contact Sport Run the InFill ® Option for the Best Post-Game Highlights A core requirement for achieving solid fusion is ensuring optimal graft material contact with vertebral endplates. That's why we expanded the playbook for managing graft placement through our patented InFill graft delivery system. Our groundbreaking, patented, in situ graft delivery approach ensures up to 94% more material between the vertebral endplates than traditional pre-packing alone. * Our entire line of InFill products delivers greater surgeon choice, flexibility and predictability, providing a smar ter option to surgeons and their patients. ©2015 All rights reserved. InFill is a registered trademark of Pinnacle Spine Group, LLC. All of the InFill ® Interbody Products, including the InFill Graft Delivery System have received CE Mark Approval. Combined with our patented InFill Graft Delivery System, the large single graft chamber of our InFill implants allows for a more complete fill of the disc space. * Burak M. Ozgur, MD FAANS, Erin Gleckman, PA-C (2013) InFill ® Lateral System: a novel technique for optimizing graft filling and endplate contact in lumbar interbody fusion surgery. I N F I L L L A T E R A L S Y S T E M | I N F I L L A L I F | I N F I L L T L I F | I N F I L L C E R V I C A L Traditional Pre-packed InFill Optimized • L O R D O T I C • C O N V E X • C O N T O U R • L O R D O T I C • A N A T O M I C S E E U S A T : 14 th Annual Symposium on Current Concepts in Spinal Disorders Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas – January 29-31

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