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How you treat patients is just as important as how patients get treated! The Carden Group can improve your hospital from the inside out. Chad Carden B.J. Windhorst Amanda Boleyn Shea Carpenter John Brummett §  The  Carden  Group  has  many  years  of  experience  helping  companies  build   cultures  of  excellence  to  impact   key   business   ini7a7ves   and   outcomes,   and   is  now  bringing  that  exper7se  to  hospitals.       §  TCG   helps   hospitals   (and   other   health   care   providers)   improve   intra-‐ professional   communica7on,   internal   clarity,   and   alignment   around   vision   and  value  premises  to  impact  pa7ent  sa7sfac7on.   §  With  the  constant  changes  in  health  care,  hospitals  must  work  on  ways  to   ensure   that   they   are   set   up   for   success   internally   for   the   new   reimbursement  models  in  the  Affordable  Care  Act.   §  TCG  has  proven  processes,  which  help  create  a  strong  internal  brand  and   build   a   culture   of   excellence.   We   are   helping   hospitals   improve   clarity   among  departments.     "Our team has been talking about WHY since you left.  You are truly amazing." " – Lauri Tanner, Ranken Jordan" "Results thus far are simply remarkable. There is already a noticeable improvement in the work environment, in morale, and in performance.  In short, this is bringing about a major change in our culture." " – Steffani Webb, KU Med" " " P.O. Box 693 Jefferson City, MO 65102 " 888.322.9443""  

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