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St a r t a f re e a s s e s s m e nt a t n oz i n . c o m /n ova PROTECT EVERY PATIENT SM *Outcomes reported by actual customers. Your results may vary. References: Nozin ® Nasal Sanitizer ® antiseptic is for nasal decolonization. ©2023 Global Life Technologies Corp. All rights reserved. Made in USA. Nozin ® , Nasal Sanitizer ® , Popswab ® , Protect Every Patient SM , and NOVA SM are trademarks of Global Life Technologies Corp. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Nozin ® Nasal Sanitizer ® antiseptic is an OTC topical drug. No claim is made that it has an eff ect on any specific disease. Patent nos.: REDUCE RISK OF AVOIDABLE INFECTIONS, EXCESS LENGTH OF STAY, AND READMISSIONS Nasal colonization is a primary risk factor for healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The new patient safety paradigm is to make universal nasal decolonization the standard of care, without using antibiotics. This is our Protect Every Patient SM service mission to help you prevent HAIs and lower costs. In published studies, hospitals using Nozin NOVA SM programs powered by Nozin ® Nasal Sanitizer ® antiseptic report up to 100% reduction* in BSIs, SSIs, and significant savings in unreimbursed treatment expense. Learn more about how we can help. Start with a no cost risk assessment today.

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