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BECKER'S HOSPITAL REVIEW February / 2024 Vol. 2024 No. 02 14 TH ANNUAL MEETING Hyatt Regency, Chicago | April 8-11, 2024 Virtual Event | April 16-18, 2024 SAVE THE DATE EXECUTIVE EXCLUSIVES: Bob Flannery. CFO at UW Health p. 7 Michael Young. President and CEO at Temple University Health System p. 12 Andy Zukowski. CFO at ECU Health p. 17 Claudia Fegan, MD. Chief Medical Officer at Cook County Health p. 25 Michael Saad. CIO at Munson Healthcare p. 27 IN THIS ISSUE: Hospitals with revenues under $500M likely to struggle this year p. 7 The state of price transparency compliance in 2024 p. 9 Healthcare job cuts up 91% from 2022 p. 13 Hospitals won't see a 'V-shaped recovery' p. 16 What 'won't be optional' for hospital marketers in 2024 p. 26 HR leaders' plans to tear the 'paper ceiling' p. 28 CEOs turn attention from recovery to growth p. 12 'Everyone is nervous': Indiana system CEO on rising hospital closures p. 13 Hospital financial 'never events' need attention p. 8 Care, staff, value-based models: 5 leaders on priorities in 2024 p. 16 Where healthcare execs stand on generative AI p. 18 20+ FEATURED STORIES

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