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BECKER'S HOSPITAL REVIEW October / 2023 Vol. 2023 No. 10 14 TH ANNUAL MEETING Hyatt Regency, Chicago | April 8-11, 2024 Virtual Event | April 16-18, 2024 SAVE THE DATE Hospitals are in a world of denial p. 10 EXECUTIVE EXCLUSIVES: Peter Fine, CEO, Banner Health p. 27 John Couris, CEO, Tampa General Hospital p. 33 Melissa Kline, DNP, RN, Chief nursing officer, MetroHealth p. 66 Joyce Markiewicz, RN, President and CEO, Catholic Health p. 69 Doug McMillan, CEO, Cody Regional Health p. 22 Steven Packer, MD, CEO, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula p. 22 IN THIS ISSUE: The 3% raise is no longer enough p. 13 Hospital profitability: 36 statistics p. 14 Only 8% of CFOs still anticipate a recession p. 10 Where are all the med- surg nurses? p. 53 Take the PTO, says Mercy's new exec p. 64 The 'Where's Waldo?' of pharmacy tech p. 43 Homelessness at record high: What it means for hospitals p. 55 Why digital transformation raises ethical questions in healthcare p. 61 What the chaos era for Netflix and Disney spells for healthcare p. 19 'We can no longer simply increase wages': What health systems are doing instead for retention p. 23 What defines a CEO's legacy? p. 22 How Risant Health aims to outshine disruptors p. 41 50+ FEATURED STORIES

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