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BECKER'S HOSPITAL REVIEW September / 2023 Vol. 2023 No. 09 8 TH ANNUAL MEETING THE BECKER'S HEALTH IT + DIGITAL HEALTH + RCM Navy Pier, Chicago | October 3-6, 2023 Virtual Event | October 11-12, 2023 SAVE THE DATE EXECUTIVE EXCLUSIVES: David Callendar, MD. President and CEO of Memorial Hermann Health System p. 9 Tom Mihaljevic, MD. President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic p. 22 Robyn Begley, DNP, RN. CEO of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership p. 34 Rob Allen. President and CEO of Intermountain Health p. 35 IN THIS ISSUE: Pay cuts continue in the C-suite p. 8 Deaconess Health to acquire Indiana hospital p. 16 Does nursing need a rebrand to attract more men? p. 29 What's missing from discussions on the nursing shortage? 9 CNOs weigh in p. 32 Why the pandemic-era acceleration of health tech isn't going away p. 41 Michael Dowling: We have to be careful AI doesn't outsmart us p. 43 Healthcare's tedious work is also dangerous p. 48 The 15-minute meeting that transformed Cleveland Clinic p. 22 The health system CEO who wants all of your questions (even about his pay) p. 7 'The wall doesn't care': 1 CMO on getting things done in a shifting environment p. 36 '1 size doesn't fit all': A nurse leader's case against staffing ratios p. 34 Drop 'satisfaction' metrics and use these 2, Banner CMO says p. 52 70+ FEATURED STORIES

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