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BECKER'S HOSPITAL REVIEW August / 2023 Vol. 2023 No. 08 8 TH ANNUAL MEETING THE BECKER'S HEALTH IT + DIGITAL HEALTH + RCM Navy Pier, Chicago | October 3-6, 2023 Virtual Event | October 11-12, 2023 SAVE THE DATE EXECUTIVE EXCLUSIVES: Jandel Allen-Davis, MD. President and CEO of Craig Hospital p. 25 Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD. Chief quality and Clinical transformation officer at University Hospitals p. 18 Doug Bruce, MD. Chief clinical integration officer at MetroHealth p. 19 Gene Finley. CFO at J Paul Jones Hospital p. 9 IN THIS ISSUE: CMS floats 2.2% cut to home health payments in 2024 p. 10 Tampa General extends CEO's tenure 10 years p. 12 Leapfrog: Disparities persist at top-graded hospitals p. 19 What 3 health systems are charging for MyChart messages p. 20 Can CVS CEO Karen Lynch save healthcare? p. 26 Imposter syndrome, glass cliffs: 1 hospital CEO on tackling challenges p. 25 Which C-suite leaders are getting promoted to CEO? p. 11 Where have all the preceptors gone? Nurse leaders offer strategies to build a pipeline p. 17 Should hospitals worry about a recession? Maybe, CFOs say p. 9 The 'goldilocks' strategy: University Hospitals eyes fixes for healthcare's biggest issues p. 18 1 healthcare leader's plea: 'We need better connection between generations' p. 19 15+ FEATURED STORIES

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