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BECKER'S HOSPITAL REVIEW July / 2023 Vol. 2023 No. 07 8 TH ANNUAL MEETING THE BECKER'S HEALTH IT + DIGITAL HEALTH + RCM Navy Pier, Chicago | October 3-6, 2023 Virtual Event | October 11-12, 2023 SAVE THE DATE EXECUTIVE EXCLUSIVES: Jaewon Ryu, MD., CEO, Geisinger. p. 16 Ed Tucker, CFO, Simpson General Hospital p. 17 Al White, CFO, Crawford Memorial Hospital p. 17 IN THIS ISSUE: House bill would give FTC authority over nonprofit hospitals p. 7 43% of physicians regret their career choice: AMA p. 21 4 hospitals, health systems testing out ChatGPT p. 20 Why healthcare data privacy is an 'illusion,' according to Yale professor p. 20 Kaiser Permanente acquiring Geisinger to launch Risant Health p. 7 Common- Spirit taking 'decisive steps' to boost revenue, cut costs, CFO says p. 8 ChatGPT outperforms physicians when answering patient questions p. 20 CDC head departs p. 21 11 highest paid CEOs in healthcare p. 11 15+ FEATURED STORIES

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