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ProFormance ™ Cleaning Verication Clearly Visible, Easy to Interpret, Objective Tests of Cleaning Methods LumCheck™ HemoCheck™ & ProChek-II™ SonoCheck™ TOSI® The LumCheck™ is designed as an independent check on the cleaning performance of pulse-flow lumen washers. Embedded on the stainless steel plate is a specially formulated blood soil which includes the toughest components of blood to clean. Go beyond what you can see with all-in-one detec�on kits for blood or protein residue. HemoCheck™ is simple to interpret and indicates blood residue down to 0.1μg. The ProChek-II™ measures for residual protein on surfaces down to 0.1μg. When the ultrasonic cleaner is supplying sufficient energy and condi�ons are correct, SonoCheck™ will change color. Problems such as insufficient energy, overloading, water level, improper temperature and degassing will increase the �me needed for the color change. In the case of major problems the SonoCheck™ will not change color at all. Reveal the hidden areas of instruments with TOSI® - the easy to use blood soil device that directly correlates to the cleaning challenge of surgical instruments. TOSI® is the first device to provide a consistent, repeatable, and reliable method for evalua�ng the cleaning effec�veness of the automated instrument washer. Intelligent Solutions for Instrument Care & Infection Control HMARK .COM | 800.521.6224 Cleaning Test Tracking System Sign up and start using Healthmark's free web-based equipment performance tracking system today by visiting

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