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May-June 2023 • Vol. 2023 No. 3 SAVE THE DATE INSIDE THE ISSUE: 'Focus on creating great experiences': How healthcare marketing is evolving p. 17 Top 10 patient safety concerns for 2023 p. 25 85% of nurses plan to leave hospital roles 1 year from now: Survey p. 26 Fast-tracked nursing program shows early success in Maryland: 12 numbers p. 28 The hidden penalty of remote work p. 17 The rise of 'elective injuries' p. 12 'It doesn't have to be us or them': 1 chief nursing officer's take on the future of hospitals p. 29 How Duke's health system supports a workforce that is 60% millennial or Gen Z p. 20 'Being a nurse positioned me for this': MetroHealth's CEO on rising into leadership p. 27 The new 'Operation Warp Speed' p. 6 FDA commissioner: Medical misinformation is hurting US life expectancy p. 6 Meritus Health CEO: Make health inequity a 'never event' p. 12 30+ FEATURED STORIES 8 TH ANNUAL MEETING THE BECKER'S HEALTH IT + DIGITAL HEALTH + RCM Navy Pier, Chicago | October 3-6, 2023 Virtual Event | October 11-12, 2023

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