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BECKER'S HOSPITAL REVIEW May / 2023 Vol. 2023 No. 05 8 TH ANNUAL MEETING THE BECKER'S HEALTH IT + DIGITAL HEALTH + RCM Navy Pier, Chicago | October 3-6, 2023 Virtual Event | October 11-12, 2023 SAVE THE DATE EXECUTIVE EXCLUSIVES: David Levine, MD. Chief Medical Officer at Fisher-Titus Health p. 34 Robert Garrett. CEO at Hackensack Meridian Health p. 32 Clay Holderman. CEO of UnityPoint Health p. 35 Nancy Howell Agee, MSN, BSN. CEO at Carilion Clinic p. 36 Elizabeth Bolt. COO and Senior Vice President at UW Health p. 55 Missy Miller. Chief Marketing Officer at Waystar p. 56 IN THIS ISSUE: Biden's $6.8T budget: 15 healthcare takeaways p. 10 14 health systems with strong finances p. 12 1st hospitals line up for new rural hospital designation p. 14 Top 7 billionaires in US healthcare p. 15 HCA's 5 highest-earning executives p. 20 20 hospitals with smallest CEO-to-worker pay ratios p. 23 23 thoughts on leadership from women in healthcare p. 55 What will health systems prioritize once Gen Z is running them? p. 30 A physician leader saw 'chaos' with 'recycled' administrators, so he's charting a new course p. 34 Health system CEOs' leadership styles are evolving p. 39 Presbyterian Healthcare and UnityPoint unite: How an $11B merger unfolded p. 35 3 nurse CEOs on combating assumptions, getting ahead of skill gaps p. 36 50+ FEATURED STORIES

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