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Designed by Tarun Bhargava, MD Bhargava Anterior Hip Labral Grasper PRODUCT NO: 1776 Designed to help remove the labrum and soft tissues in total hip surgery Designed for anterior MIS hip surgery ABLE Advanced Anterior Approach Set PRODUCT NO'S: 6161-00 [Set] Set includes: (2) 6162, (1) 6163, (1) 6164 6161-01 [Set with Case] Set includes: (2) 6162, (1) 6163, (1) 6164 Also available individually: 6162 [Modified Deep Hohmann – A] (2) included in set, (1) only with this product number 6163 [Modified Small Hohmann – B] 6164 [Modified Mueller – C] 6161-SC [Storage Case] A self-retaining frame and retractor system designed for use during anterior total hip arthroplasty, the blades help retract the hip capsule and musculature, permitting an unobstructed view of the acetabulum while freeing an assistant Alvi Small Charnley Style Locking Frame Set Designed by Hasham Alvi, MD PRODUCT NO'S: 7425-00 [Set] Also available individually: 7425-01 [Locking Frame] 7425-02 [2" Tapered Blade] 7425-03 [3" Tapered Blade] 7425-04 [4" Tapered Blade] Optional Blade (Not included in Set): 7425-02-MOD [Modified 2" Tapered Blade] Design modified by Prof. Dr. med. Andrej M. Nowakowski Optional Modified 2" Tapered Blade Set includes locking frame (7425-01) and one each of the three blade sizes: 2" (7425-02), 3" (7425-03), and 4" (7425-04). PRODUCT NO'S: 6226-00 [Complete Set] Set Includes / Available Individually: 6221 [#1 - Posterior Femoral Neck / Inferior Acetabular Rim Retractor] 6222 [#2 - Anterior Femoral Neck / Anteromedial Rim Retractor] 6223 [#3 - Anterolateral Acetabular Rim Retractor] 6226-TA [#4 - Table Mounted Hook Hoist] This product number includes one 6226-RH Elevator Hook 6226-RH [#5 - Proximal Femoral Hook] 6227 [#6 - Femoral Calcar Retractor] 6225 [#7 - Greater Trochanteric Retractor] Written Technique Available Das/Seng Anterior Total Hip Instruments Designed by Amal Das, MD and Brian Seng, DO Retractor set with included table-mounted controlled- release ratcheting elevator hook, specifically designed to help simplify anterior approach total hip arthroplasty 1 Posterior Femoral Neck / Inferior Acetabular Rim Retractor 2 Anterior Femoral Neck / Anteromedial Rim Retractor 3 Anterolateral Acetabular Rim Retractor 7 Greater Trochanteric Retractor Femoral Calcar Retractor 6 PRODUCT NO: 1577 Set In Case PRODUCT NO'S: 3608 [Sharp] 3609 [Dull] Designed to help lever a femoral head out of the acetabulum in standard and anterior approach total hip replacement Huddleston Femoral Head Removers Designed by H. Dennis Huddleston, MD FREE TRIAL ON MOST INSTRUMENTS 1.800.548.2362 103 Estus Drive, Savannah, GA 31404 912.236.0000 Phone 912.236.7766 Fax Innomed-Europe Tel. +41 41 740 67 74 © 2023 Innomed, Inc. ISO 13485:2016 Designed for direct anterior approach hip arthroplasty, the wide, blunt and curved teeth help provide for better self-retaining retraction during dissection through the superficial and deep tissue planes to expose the hip joint Alvi Beckman Self-Retaining Retractor Designed by Hasham Alvi, MD Instruments & Patient Positioners for Orthopedic Surgery 5 Proximal Femoral Hook 4 Table Mounted Hook Hoist AAOS Annual Meeting BOOTH # 2038 March 8-10, 2023

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