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Ligament augmentation is an innovative surgical procedure that provides strength to the upper instrumented vertebra (UIV) and adjacent segments while also reducing junctional stress at those levels. 1 LigaPASS ™ 2.0 ligament augmentation system is the first FDA cleared device for ligament augmentation for spinal surgeons to address some of the biggest adult deformity challenges. Contact your sales representative to learn more. LigaPASS ™ 2.0 Ligament Augmentation System 1. M.M.Safaee, V. Deviren, C.P. Ames et al. Ligament augmentation for prevention of proximal junctional kyphosis and proximal junctional failure in adult spinal deformity. J Neurosurg Spine February 23, 2018. The LigaPASS™ system is an implant for use in orthopaedic surgery. The system is intended to provide temporary stabilization as a bone anchor during the development of solid bony fusion and aid in the repair of bone fractures. The indications for use are as follows: • Spinal trauma surgery, used in sublaminar or facet wiring techniques; • Spinal reconstructive surgery, incorporated into constructs for the purpose of correction of spinalbdeformities such as idiopathic and neuromuscular scoliosis in patients 8 years of age and older, adult scoliosis and kyphosis; • Spinal degenerative surgery, as an adjunct to spinal fusions; • Intended for use with a posterior spinal construct when ligament augmentation is needed. The LigaPASS™ system may also be used in conjunction with other medical grade implants made of titanium or cobalt-chrome alloy whenever "wiring" may help secure the attachment of other implants. Possible undesirable effects In addition to the risks associated with surgery of the spine without instrumentation, a number of possible adverse events may occur with posterior instrumented surgery, including but not limited to: • Detachment, deformation, mobilization, slipping, breakage of one or all of the components. • Pain due to the surgery, the fracture, deformation and or migration of an implant. • Fracture of vertebrae. • Postoperative loss of correction and/or reduction of the spine, partial or total loss of the corrections achieved. ©2022 Medtronic. Medtronic, Medtronic logo, and Engineering the extraordinary are trademarks of Medtronic. All other brands are trademarks of a Medtronic company. UC202213504aEN Connect with us. Web LinkedIn Medtronic Brain and Spine Therapies Twitter @Medtronic_Spine LigaPASS ™ 2.0 Ligament Augmentation System An innovative device for adult spinal deformity surgeons

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