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77 CMO / CARE DELIVERY Physician assistant pay, by specialty By Erica Carbajal M edian total wages for physican assistants working in cardiovacular and cardiothoracic surgery in 2021 were $140,000, making it the highest paid specialty, according to the American Academy of Physician Associates 2022 Salary Report released July 29 and shared with Becker's. Data for the salary report were collected via an online survey between Jan. 27 and March 7. Nearly 12,000 physician assistants across the U.S. responded to at least some of the questions in the survey. Respondents must have worked at least 32 hours or more per week in 2021 to be included in the compensation section. e figures below represent median total wages for each specialty. Total wages reflects the compensation of PAs regardless of whether they receive a salary, are paid hourly, or are paid via a productivity model. For PAs receiving an hourly wage, their hourly rate is annualized. For PAs who receive productivity pay along with a guaranteed compensation, the two amounts are added for total wages. Total Wages does not include bonus pay or other fringe benefits. Cardiovascular/cardiothoracic surgery: $140,000 oracic surgery: $128,250 Surgical subspecialties (other): $125,000 Emergency medicine: $124,800 All other specialties: $121,030 Occupational medicine: $120,640 Dermatology: $120,428 No medical specialty: $120,000 Critical care: $120,000 Radiology: $120,000 Trauma surgery: $120,000 Plastic surgery: $120,000 Transplant surgery: $120,000 Urgent care: $119,000 Bariatric surgery: $119,000 Neurosurgery: $118,530 General surgery: $117,000 Radiation oncology: $116,500 Anesthesiology: $116,220 Vascular surgery: $116,000 Psychiatry: $115,690 Pediatric surgery: $115,500 Orthopaedic surgery: $115,000 Hospital medicine: $115,000 Public health: $115,000 Oncology surgery: $114,200 Urology: $114,000 Hospice and palliative care: $114,000 Cardiology: $113,659 Hematology & oncology: $113,500 Addiction medicine: $113,000 Geriatrics: $113,000 Physical medicine & rehab: $112,360 Preventive medicine: $111,500 Obstetrics & gynecology: $111,300 Pediatric subspecialties: $111,000 Infectious disease: $110,093 Family medicine: $110,000 Internal medicine (general): $110,000 Gastroenterology: $110,000 Otolaryngology: $110,000 Pain management: $110,000 Pulmonology: $110,000 Colon & rectal surgery: $109,000 Rheumatology: $108,000 Neurology: $107,000 Nephrology: $106,250 Allergy and immunology: $105,000 Endocrinology: $103,000 Ophthalmology: $103,000 Pediatrics (general): $99,910 Genetics: $92,400 n Image Credit: Adobe Stock

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