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References: 1. References: 1. Misteli H, et al. Surgical Glove Perforation and the Risk of Surgical Site Infection. Arch Surg. 2009; 144(6):553-558. 2. MHC Study #G09-005 3. Utilizing the Lean Process in Surgical Glove Standardization, Samuel E. Sullivan RN CNOR, Published Poster, AORN 2020 4. Data on File, MHC-2018-37408 Biogel delivers more TÖTAL VALUE through lower cost-in-use and utilization savings. 1,3 The Mölnlycke and Biogel trademarks, names and logo types are registered globally to one or more of the Mölnlycke Health Care Group of Companies. Distributed by Mölnlycke Health Care US ©2021 Mölnlycke Health Care AB. All rights reserved. MHC-2021-79413 3.5x FEWER FAILURES Glove breaches can expose healthcare workers to bloodborne pathogens and put patients at an increased risk of infection. 1 Surgical gloves differ substantially when comparing in-use performance. In a US-based study across five facilities measuring in-use failure rates, non-Biogel gloves were at least 3.5 times as likely to fail as Biogel gloves. 2 Fewer glove failures reduce the risk of exposure to pathogens and associated treatment costs while lowering glove waste and improving utilization. 1,3 Biogel ® Delivers Möre PARTNERSHIP • Utilization reviews • Implementation support • Clinical education CLINICIAN SAFETY & SATISFACTION • Puncture Indication System • O.R. efficiency with standardization • Preferred fit, feel and comfort PROVEN PERFORMANCE • Fewer in-use glove failures 2 • Utilization savings 3 • Reduced infection risk for patients 1 2 4

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