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November 2021 l Vol. 2021 No. 6 IN THIS ISSUE: CMS pay for 15 spine procedures at ASCs vs. HOPDs p. 12 How Dr. Edward Dohring plans to transform NASS p. 20 NASS' '20 Under 40': Meet the class of 2021 p. 11 10 highest-paying physician specialties in 2021 p. 62 1st commercial cases performed with NuVasive's spine platform p. 48 Walmart, Amazon & more: 2 surgeons on outside forces in healthcare p. 27 'The perfect fit where we want it': How patient-specific implants can revolutionize spine surgery p. 26 WILL NEUROSURGEONS TAKE OVER SPINE? In recent decades, it has become more common for orthopedic surgeons to subspecialize in spine surgery, but a growing number of neurosurgeons are learning to treat spine procedures that were historically performed by orthopedic surgeons. Will there come a point when neurosurgeons take over spine? 6 essential tips for spine surgeons entering practice p. 29 6 numbers making spine surgeons nervous From fighting CMS policy proposals to challenges with rising COVID-19 cases and recovering pre-pandemic salary, spine surgeons have faced multiple hurdles since 2020. ese six numbers reflect the challenges spine surgeons face in 2022. The state of robotics in spine surgery today: 14 notes on market share, opportunities & more Spine robots continue to make noise in the industry and are expected to pick up steam in the coming years as more devicemakers launch competing systems and new business models to integrate robots into the outpatient setting. is article provides 14 key insights on robotics in spine surgery, including predictions from five surgeons. See the full story on page 25. See the full story on page 10. See the full story on page 6. 80+ STORIES FEATURED INSIDE THE ISSUE BECKER'S REGISTER TODAY 19th Annual Spine, Orthopedic & Pain Management-Driven ASC + The Future of Spine Conference Swissotel, Chicago | June 16-18, 2022 BECKER'S

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