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Becker's November 2020 Spine Review

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Page 39 of 39 // 1 Duan R, et al. Eur Cell Mater 2019;37:60-73. * In vitro or in vivo studies may not be predictive of clinical experience in humans. † MagnetOs is not cleared by FDA as an osteoinductive bone graft. MagnetOs is a registered trademark of Kuros Biosciences. PROMO/MAG/US/005-20/R00 05 Oct 2020. are discovering how the power of osteoimmunology can help eliminate non-unions PIONEERING SURGEONS The interplay between our skeletal and immune systems is the fi eld of research known as osteoimmunology. MagnetOs bone graft harnesses this interplay. Its unique submicron surface topography polarizes macrophages to the pro-healing M2 phenotype. These, in turn, upregulate mesenchymal stem cells, leading to bone formation instead of scar tissue. 1* Bone forms, even in soft tissue, without the need for added cells or growth factors. 1* † NASS 2020 SEE THE PRESENTATION FROM DR. R. TODD ALLEN, MD, PHD ENTITLED, IMMUNOMODULATION BY MAGNETOS BONE GRAFT

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