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855.854.5810 © 2017 Haag-Streit USA. All Rights Reserved. Experience better vision, precision and comfort. While many surgical microscopes are generally designed for surgery, they're not engineered to address the specialized needs of minimally invasive spine surgery. The Hi-R 700 is. Because every detail, millimeter and highlight counts, the Hi-R 700 provides optimal visualization and illumination while working in small, deep, and narrow channels. And comfort is crucial during spine surgery – so the Hi-R 700's long working distance supports a more efficient and ergonomic workflow. Take a closer look at how the Hi-R 700 is built with you and your practice in mind. Call us at 855-854-5810 and we'll put you in in touch with your local Haag-Streit representative. Or visit to learn more. HI-R 700: THE BACKBONE OF OUTPATIENT SPINE SURGERY.

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