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Acetonema Actinomyces Alkalibacillus Ammoniphilus Amphibacillus Anaerobacter Anaerospora Aneurinibacillus Anoxybacillus Bacillus Brevibacillus Caldanaerobacter Caloramator Caminicella Cerasibacillus Clostridium Clostridiisalibacter Cohnella Dendrosporobacter Desulfotomaculum Desulfosporomusa Desulfosporosinus Ornithinibacillus Oxalophagus Oxobacter Paenibacillus Paraliobacillus Pelospora Pelotomaculum Piscibacillus Planifilum Pontibacillus Propionispora Salinibacillus Salsuginibacillus Seinonella Shimazuella Sporacetigenium Sporoanaerobacter Sporobacter Sporobacterium Sporohalobacter Sporolactobacillus Sporomusa Desulfovirgula Desulfunispora Desulfurispora Filifactor Filobacillus Gelria Geobacillus Geosporobacter Gracilibacillus Halobacillus Halonatronum Heliobacterium Heliophilum Laceyella Lentibacillus Lysinibacillus Mahella Metabacterium Moorella Natroniella Oceanobacillus Orenia Sporosarcina Sporotalea Sporotomaculum Syntrophomonas Syntrophospora Tenuibacillus Tepidibacter Terribacillus Thalassobacillus Thermoacetogenium Thermoactinomyces Thermoalkalibacillus Thermoanaerobacter Thermoanaeromonas Thermobacillus Thermoflavimicrobium Thermovenabulum Tuberibacillus Virgibacillus Vulcanobacillus YOUR REPUTATION A short list of things that might survive if you only High Level Disinfect your Endoscopes: Patient safety is never semi-critical. A recent safety communication recommends sterilization, including the use of a liquid chemical sterilant processing system to lower the risk of microbial transmission when reprocessing duodenoscopes. SYSTEM 1 ® endo Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System kills multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) and goes beyond high level disinfection to kill spores in the hardest-to-reach areas on a scope — and in a fast, 18-minute cycle. Visit

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